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We Furnish Dreams . . .

Dubuque Along the Mississippi

Price: $60.00
Image Size: 23 x 10 1/4

Autumn at Fenelon

What a pretty ride awaits on a nice fall day! Every Dubuquer, former, present or would-be must take a trip to the top and enjoy the bluff-top view.

Price: $60.00
Image size: 11 ¼” x 19’
Paper size: 15 ¼’ x 23”

Carl Johnson 

Winter on the Bluff

Against a gray winter sky the old red brick buildings and imposing Cathedral Spire bring a glow of warmth to this familiar scene.

Price: $60.00
Image size: 16” x 9 ½”
Paper size: 20” x 13 ½”

Spirit of Dubuque

Price: $60.00
Image size: 27 3/4 x 16

Price: $10.00
Image size: 8 1/2 x 11 1/2
Paper size: 11 1/2 x 15

Carl has a long time history with the tri-state area. He has published a book, done commissioned pieces, and lead sketch trips for U of I architectural students in Europe. Carl records historic architecture through pen-and-ink and watercolor. His subject matter has expended over time including sweeps of landscape and single blossoms, as well as cityscapes new and old.