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Cable Car Square

That big white house at the top of the bluff beacons! Ride up the pretty green hillside and look down on the rooftop of the red brick house and the panorama of the riverfront below.

Price: $35.00
Image size: 18’ x 14’
Paper size: 23” x 18 ½”

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In an age when most women didn't attend college, Dorothy Rossiter was studying. In fact, her college didn't even offer an art major. In the summer, however, she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Dorothy's first art exhibit was in 1965 and celebrated her work, as well as her fathers. It wasn't long, however, before critics and art lovers were focusing solely on her art.

Dorothy preferred watercolors as they allowed for "freshness and versatility."

Although artists lovers have quickly purchased her originals, copies of her prints have never been available. Creative Touch Gallery has retained the exclusive rights to create limited edition prints of one of her best Dubuque works.

Dorothy Rossiter