​​​​My interest in photography started at a young age after receiving a Polaroid camera for Christmas.  I grew up on a farm, the oldest of 9 brothers and sisters.  I had endless opportunities to capture the daily variety of our lives growing up.  I worked very hard to be able to afford a 35 mm SLR film camera at the age of 13.  The camera was fully manual in operation which allowed me to learn the fundamentals of exposure and composition.  

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​​​I soon realized that if I moved to black and white I could save money by developing my own film and prints.  Within a year I was buying film in bulk 100 foot rolls so I could load film canisters myself.  I set up a makeshift darkroom in the basement of my parents farmhouse, so that I could develop the film and make prints. 

As I entered high school and college I served as school photographer and shot high school portraits and weddings for friends, family, and the occasional referral.  I worked at the local camera shop and witnessed the evolution of lenses focusing themselves and cameras setting their exposure and advancing film to the next frame automatically.  Much has changed since that time for me and my hobby.  I purchased the original Canon digital Rebel in 2004 and haven't used film since.  I progressed through the Canon 5d series of cameras and in 2014 transitioned to Medium Format using the phenomenal Pentax 645z.   

I find photographic inspiration capturing landscapes and wildlife.  It is amazing what you can find in your own backyard, much less our beautiful national parks.  I have many surprise, sometimes scary, encounters with wildlife.  The golden hours before sunrise and after sunset are my favorite time to capture images.  I especially like when I can convince my wife to wake up hours before the sun rises and accompany me.  These are some of our best memories and we proudly display this art in our home.  I am pleased that others are excited to do the same. 

We Furnish Dreams . . .

Jeff Breitfelder