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Ice Harbor II

Price: $75.00
Image Size: 24 x 11 1/4

Roger Scholbrock has long been fascinated with local history. Even as a child he drew buildings in the area, and composed images of the past. He never outgrew his obsessions, even as his artistic skills developed. He admits he often spends time wandering around Hazel Green, imagining what it was like in the 19th century.

Those who love the Tri-State area and its history, will be drawn to the work of Scholbrock.

We Furnish Dreams . . .

Roger Scholbrock 

Reflections of Union Park II

Price: $75.00
Image Size: 14 x 18

Union Park

A leisurely turn-of-the-century Sunday in Union Park on Dubuque’s west side.

Price: $65.00
Image size: 18’ x 13 ¾”
Paper size: 24” x 20”

Market Day

Still a part of Dubuque's rich tradition, Farmer's Market has captured people's hearts and memories for years. This scene, located at the Southwest corner of 12th and Central, captures the hustle and bustle of an earlier Farmer's Market at the turn of the century.

Price: $65.00
Paper size: 24” x 17”

Main Street Memories

With trollies clanging on busy Eighth and Main Streets, the romance of Dubuque's yesteryear can still be remembered and enjoyed.

Price: $65.00
Image size: 18” x 13 ½”
Paper size: 22” x 17 ½”